Mieko Yamazaki — Mindscapes 2024

Mieko Yamazaki — Mindscapes 2024

It has been 24 years since I came to Minneapolis in 2000 to go to Minneapolis College of Art and Design hoping to become an artist.  During almost a quarter of the century, my life as a painter and person has been changing constantly.  But one thing never changed is my passion to paint.  I paint inside of me that I call mindscapes.  They could be feelings, thoughts, ideas, sounds, atmosphere, dreams, …  that appear as abstract images in my mind.  They are expressions of myself at the moment.

Technique wise, I have developed unique methods over the years that utilize chemical reactions of paints and medium. To my knowledge they are not used by other artists.  Although there are excitements of discoveries, they present unsolved challenges alongside and require time and patience.

For I am going to be 70 years old in April, I would like to present my solo exhibition, Mindscapes 2024 at Homewood Gallery and celebrate this month with I love the most in this world, paintings and you, my friends.

Will you come and visit with me over my paintings?  I will be at the gallery during all gallery hours and be very happy to see you then.

Saturday April 6, 1-4 PM — Opening Reception
Saturday April 20, 2 PM — Gallery Talk
Sunday April 28, 1-4 PM  — The last day, Art Pick-up

Gallery Hours
Wednesdays, Fridays: 1-6 PM
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