Jack Mader

Statement: I don’t want to be defined by the type of photography that I do. Utilizing both new and traditional methods of making images, I embrace many styles within the photographic medium ranging from nature, landscape, abstract, psychological, portraiture and photo collage.  I go where my muse tells me to go and I go there full speed.

I am best defined as a journalist using photography to document my visual experience and I love to share that experience with others. I also love to share my passion for photography and I have the opportunity to do so everyday where I teach in the Photography and Digital Imaging program at Minneapolis Community and Technical College.


Jack Mader
Studio D
Homewood Studios
2400 Plymouth Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55411

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About the Images

Awakening The Awakening – is from an ongoing series entitled “Everything Will Be OK” that incorporates sampling and collage of found and original images into my own narrative that explores perception, consciousness and illusion.

Orange Water #1 and Blue Water #1 – are from the series entitled “The Water Project” which explores the uniqueness and fundamental sameness of the different forms of water through razor sharp and blurred in-camera motion studies.

Grieving Mindfully #3 and Invisible Fences #1 – are from “Reconnecting With Forgotten Dreams”. Images in this series have a dreamlike essence to them where remembrance is more important than recognition as they create a space where ambiguity and understanding stand together in the same light.

Reading Material #4 – Is an image from “Reading Material”, a series of images of discarded and deteriorated books that explores the questions of “What it is that makes a book be a book?”, “When does a book stop being a book?” and “What happens to the content of a book when it’s used for something other than the author’s intended purpose?”