Gallery 1x1xOne

There is a wall in the Homewood Studios gallery which does not work as part of the regular exhibition space.  It is “around the corner” from the main gallery floor, near the mini-kitchen.  For a long time, it housed nothing, once in a while some text about the current show, but it was always “not quite right.”  Then one day we noticed the Shoebox Gallery in a window in South Minneapolis, downstairs from Obsidian Arts and behind Roberts’ Shoe Store.  The idea of a self-contained, small, exhibition space resonated with us. And we had been, for a while, looking for ways to bring children, especially neighborhood children, into the life of the gallery.

The result is Gallery 1x1xOne.

Young artists on the Northside, please take note.  (Or perhaps, adults on the Northside who know young artists — and what child is not an artist?

Homewood Studios maintains a space — called Gallery 1x1xOne — to offer the work of our young people (up to age 18) to the community.  One piece of art, for one month, by one artist.  The space can manage both two and three-dimensional work and anything up to 36″ x 36″ in size.

Please contact George Roberts or 612 587-0230 about scheduling work in this gallery.