SUYAO TIAN: Dream Visions

SUYAO TIAN: Dream Visions

Suyao Tian is a professional designer, artist, and recently started her curation practice. She was born and raised in China. Before she came to United States she received her first BFA in Music Education and was a music assistant professor in college. She came to United States to pursue her artistic dream, and earned her BA and MFA in design and fine art with honors. In her fine art reach, she creates a unique style of watercolor painting. mainly using watercolor medium while also using different pen marks to define the details of each painting to give the audience layers and depth of the painting.

Her creative process is to extract the fragments of memory and separate, reorganize and integrate them. This process is her communication with them, and a process of self-release and expression. These peculiar images often appear in her memory, dreams and subconscious imaginations, so she uses abstraction to catch a moment, feeling, and unclear form when they appear in her mind. She uses bright colors to celebrate her freedom! That becomes her identity to speak out to the world. 

She believes art can change the world and wants to use her passionate love of art to collaborate will all the talented people to make the world be a better place.

We first learned of Suyao Tian and her magical art as a member of a new arts organization Art to Change the World, founded by Barbara Bridges. For anyone looking to widen their knowledge of the connections between and social awareness we recommend this site.

For more information about Suyao, her fashion line for children and adults, as well as her other passions and talents, please visit and

Homewood Studios Gallery Talk for Suyao Tian

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7 pm, Thursday, March 25
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