ROCHELLE WOLDORSKY: The Lyrical Pear (drawings)

ROCHELLE WOLDORSKY: The Lyrical Pear (drawings)

May 4-27, 2023

Opening Reception: Sunday, May 7 from 2pm to 4pm
Diane Pecoraro, community poet of St. Louis Park, will read poems in response to these drawings

Closing Reception: Saturday, May 27 from 2pm to 4pm

About this new  body of work, Rochelle writes:

 I could call this my pandemic therapy.  I started this series of pear drawings during the days when we were pretty much in isolation.  I bought some pears and set them on the table, not intending to draw them but to eat them. I looked at the way they clung together and before I could separate and eat one I took out my pen and sketchbook and did a simple contour drawing. I continued to draw the shapes and then looked back on drawings of pears from art school days.  Pears have always been a subject for me.

Easy to draw, relation to human form, they combine so well together, they snuggle, they speak to each other, and since I started drawing and buying pears I found there is a huge variety of shapes and color.  I took out my oil sticks, the soft greasy ones that have the feel of oil paint.  I enjoyed working with them so much and they seemed to effortlessly direct my drawing.  The arrangements are not intentional I just set them down and whatever grouping they took I would draw.  I admit to occasionally arranging but believe me they fell comfortably into place and I didn’t argue with them.  This was and is a magical experience.

I brought my drawings to a meeting of artist friends and while showing them I asked for thoughts on adding some words.  One of my artist friends responded. Carolyn Light Bell is a writer and photographer.  She took on the challenge and wrote some wonderful short sayings that we turned into a series of cards.

I also began to look up poets who had written about the pear and found so many fascinated with this fruit.  The pear has quite a history and is the subject in much art and literature.  Even in music.  Three Pieces in the Form of a Pear
Is one by Erik Satie.

I am most happy to join this group in appreciation of the pear.