December Gallery Show: Painting & Pottery

December Gallery Show: Painting & Pottery

Don Luce & Ruth Talen Erickson: Painting & Pottery
Opening Reception – Friday, December 2 from 5pm to 8pm
Gallery Talk – Tuesday, December 13 beginning at 7pm

Our final show of 2022 has been in the works since pre-Covid. Ruth Erickson is a long-time friend of Homewood Studios. Planning for this show began well before the pandemic put everything on pause, and we thank both Ruth and Don for their patience. From our point of view, and for gallery patrons as well, the wait was worth it.

About his work Don writes:

I strive to stimulate people’s curiosity of nature, deepen their understanding of how nature works and inspire a commitment to protect the natural world. I use painting and drawing to reveal the ecological processes that underlie the landscape, and to capture the sense of energy and excitement I feel while exploring nature.







And about her work, Ruth writes:

The Japanese concept of “Mengei, the appreciation of the handmade in everyday life”, has guided my work for over 50 years as a potter.  What matters to me when expressing my love of clay is the hope that my pottery is part of your daily life and brings you joy and beauty.