October Show — In the Moment

October Show — In the Moment

Show Run: October 7–29
Opening Reception: October 7, 5-8 pm
Zoom Gallery Talk: Tuesday October 18, 7 pm. Connect to Virtual Talk at:

The Homewood Photo Collective,  founded and curated by Homewood Studios Resident Artist Jack Mader meets monthly to view and comment on members’ work, to discuss trends in photography, and to provide general encouragement and support to each other.  In the past few years, the group has grown and blossomed, to the point where now twenty photographers are participating in this current show.

Larry Risser, Homewood Photo Collective member, offers this artists’ statement for the group:

As matter is composed of atoms, so our lives are composed of moments. And, as we may give little thought to the motions of atoms, so we often fill our days, months, and years with only passing notice of the moments that define the arc of our lives.  It is when major events stop us short, cutting off the cascade of daily moments, that we pause to reflect on the moments of joy and loss, success and setback, hope and despair that have filled our lives.

With this exhibit, we invite you, the viewer, to pause with us and consider the larger significance of the moment that the photographer has caught and let that image resonate with moments in your own life.

In the Moment website link: https://hpcinthemoment.myportfolio.com/

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday 5-8 pm
Wednesday and Friday 1-6 pm
Saturday 1-4 pm
Sunday 12-4:00 pm

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