Curated by Seitu Jones, George Slade, Davu Seru, Miko Simmons & Beverly Cottman

Opening Reception: Friday,  January 6 from 5pm to 8pm
KFAI-FM Remote Broadcast from the Galley: Saturday, January 7 from 9am to 1pm
In person memories and stories about Bill hosted by Kenna Cottman (Bill’s daughter) and Yonci Peaceful Jameson (Bill’s granddaughter)
Gallery Talk with curators: Tuesday, January 17 beginning at 7pm

How this show came together; what we were trying to do.

The passing, all too soon, of Bill Cottman, one of our community’s most active, connected and important artists, a little more than a year ago, has left us all pulsing with memories and believing he is still with us in so many ways.  Thus, our gallery show to remember his as a photographer, video artist, writer, poet and book maker.

To do his lifetime of work justice, we would have to hire a huge hall.  Instead, we have at Beverly Cottman’s suggestion, invited four artist friends of Bill and Beverly to curate a show touching on several aspects if Bill’s artistic life.  The show includes many of his photographs and photo series, (of course), video and projection work, his various published books, and ephemera collected by the curators.  Like all of Bill’s shows in our gallery over the past twenty years, it will be unpredictable, surprising, informative, revelatory and professionally superb.

In addition, anyone with a good Bill Cottman story or memory is invited to attend our gallery in person or call 1pm.  Get on the air, live, and share your memories, stories, thoughts and insights about Bill, his life and his work.